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The Canadian Independent Box Set


Electronic, Rock, Stage & Screen, Pop


447 mb

Label: Meathead Records ‎– MHR 010
Type: 9 x CD, Compilation Box Set
Country: Canada
Date of released: 2000
Category: Electronic, Rock, Latin, Pop
Style: Alternative Rock, Rock & Roll, Industrial, Indie Rock, Punk, Hardcore, Experimental
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1-1 The Dinks Ice Cream Headache
1-2 The Special Guests Everybody Rock
1-3 Plasticine Friend Of A Friend
1-4 Feisty Win You Over
1-5 Star Collector Skyscraper
1-6 Collider Closets
1-7 Knacker Latitude
1-8 Smack Attack Moonshine
1-9 Arlibido Good Day For Anything
1-10 Strange Bargain Tales From Marshmellow Land
1-11 Sid Six Space Mobile
1-12 Doug Four Eight 5-0
1-13 Sin Tones* Jesus Had A Gibson
1-14 Mold Agent Scully
1-15 Thirsty Cookie Song
1-16 Magnificent Octopus Anklebone
1-17 Orion 321 Bottom Of The Sky
1-18 Iyuhishi Every Place I've Been Is Better Since I Left
1-19 The Mercurymen Behemoth
1-20 Umbrellaheads Hard Luck Story #5
1-21 Darkest Of The Hillside Thickets* Sounds Of Tindalos
1-22 Machtiver Thoughts Towards
2-1 Ocean Machine Funeral
2-2 Dr. Squish Devoid
2-3 Morahambi El Mundo Muerte
2-4 Smere Change
2-5 Bull Mastif Overgrown
2-6 Omega Ad Sands Of Time
2-7 Downshift Closes
2-8 Trailer Park Versace's Child
2-9 A Thousand Years Angels In The Sky
2-10 Leather Messiah Spiral To Hell
2-11 Co Existence Mind Mapping
2-12 Shock Hazard Rats On The Highway
2-13 BROOMFILLER Herb Eaverstank 3:01
2-14 R.E.Flexxx Drop Dead
2-15 Stumble Stumbling
2-16 The Hellz Kitchen Show Transition
3-1 Deamon End Of Ages
3-2 Volatile The Physical
3-3 Mental Terrorizer Untitled
3-4 Mourn The Physical
3-5 Against All I Against All
3-6 Ritual The Way It Is
3-7 Unborn Overstand
3-8 Strain Here And Now
3-9 Redrum Too Hot For Me
3-10 Bald Vulture Life Is All About
3-11 Bloodwurm Oh Yeah
3-12 Amused Born In The Body
3-13 Jerry Can Rochester Sucks
3-14 Into Eternity Speak Of The Dead
3-15 Tenacity Soul Fight
3-16 The Loss Trust
3-17 The Divine Invasion Train
3-18 Peruke Like, Chill Dude
3-19 The Koka Kola Hitmen Mafia
3-20 The Red Eyed Tree Frogs So It Seems
3-21 Peninsula Ladies And Gentlemen
3-22 Revenge Late
4-1 Vor Movement #2
4-2 [8B] Tiga (Sauna Mix)
4-3 Soma Sonic First Wave
4-4 Nanochrist I Robot
4-5 Incognito Is It Good Enough
4-6 Schizoid Avoiding Eye Contact
4-7 Nash The Slash Tension
4-8 Slow Learner Firechild
4-9 Schitz-I-Fernetic Nightmares In Latex
4-10 Super 88 Odyssey
4-11 Shadmock Jesus Junkies
4-12 Dwain Barrick Steph's Song
4-13 Robert Hansen Go It Alone
4-14 Ollyn Grey Black Widow
4-15 E=Mc2 Money Money Money
4-16 Castle Of Pain Dungeon Of Doom
4-17 Mad Matt Hey Apollo
4-18 Judo Jive Grunt #3
4-19 The 18th Hole Fore
4-20 Puck Unsigned Hype
4-21 Jaan Unplugged
5-1 2 Pump Louie Poison Paradise
5-2 Random Killing Johnny Was A Punk
5-3 Demockracy Crisis Criminalize The Poor
5-4 Spazmz Damage
5-5 Hell Caminos Fallin' Behind
5-6 Dayglo Abortions Drink Beer Smoke Pot
5-7 Bucket Truck Old Trunck Four
5-8 Spotty Botty Crap
5-9 Junto Don't Believe Everything You Read
5-10 Wisecrack Fallout
5-11 The Vapids Mikey Was A Punk
5-12 The Setbacks Buzzbomb To Ontario
5-13 Grayline Scared To Care
5-14 Bun Goodbye
5-15 Chubb Snobs
5-16 Potluck Fallen
5-17 Unemployed Jack Coleman
5-18 The Comeback Varendero To Havana And Back
5-19 Romeo Retarded Dear Abby
5-20 Fistfull American't
5-21 I Can't Remember Freedom
5-22 The Kremlin This Night
5-23 The Riptides Jeannie Is A Junkie
5-24 Thee Outcasts Death To The King
5-25 Bikes 25
5-26 Torn Down Units Rock Out Or Get Out
5-27 The A Tubes Oh What A Tube
6-1 Closet Monster I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream
6-2 Fucthat Split The Scene
6-3 Racer 10 True
6-4 Namesake What About That Guy
6-5 Malchiks* Jerry
6-6 Complete A Simple Complaint
6-7 The Retreads World War Three
6-8 Supersift I Hate Punk Rock
6-9 Sidewalk Missing In Action
6-10 Twenty2 Moments Of Sanity
6-11 The Heartbroken Alaska
6-12 Nfa Burlington
6-13 Five Spot Five Spot
6-14 Names Taken Walk Away
6-15 Johnny Unite Us My Boss
6-16 Poser Eye Tolled Ewe Sew
6-17 Tripwyre Fat Aggression
6-18 Headcramp Bike Thief
6-19 Dns Idle Time
6-20 Sector Seven* You Never Know
6-21 Racer Lift Off
6-22 No Connection Another Way
6-23 Lungbutter Track #5
6-24 Wife Power Enzo's Song
6-25 Cheapshot Forgotten
7-1 The Smalls What I Need To Carry On
7-2 Short Notice Blame
7-3 Station A Stealth Training
7-4 Wrench In The Works Jenny
7-5 Painting Daisies Church Of Cosmetology
7-6 The Myth Isaac
7-7 Ani's Whisper Beauty
7-8 Kathryn Rose Mint
7-9 Plumm Pretty Face
7-10 Suzanne Wilson Heroine
7-11 Corb Lund Band* Wine Soaked Preacher
7-12 Sue De Nym False Messiahs
7-13 A-Ok All Your Fantasies
7-14 The Dreaming Numb
7-15 Christopher Dunn Skylines
7-16 The Yes Men T.V. Planet
7-17 Bill Dawe Travelin
7-18 Barzin H I'll Find Ways
7-19 Wilton Said Untitled
7-20 Sharpkid Untitled
8-1 After Dark Alive After Dark
8-2 Edison Machine Sleeping With A Shotgun
8-3 Redfish Nbc
8-4 The Honeymen New Funk
8-5 The Mustangs Lonely One
8-6 Jw Jones* Frozen Solid
8-7 Luke Leone New Day
8-8 J Magyar I Need You
8-9 Adrienne Pierce Small
8-10 Outside The Lines Circle
8-11 Emily Leger Under The Gun
8-12 Head In The Clouds Living With A Mind
8-13 Sarah Stefanson Angel
8-14 Claudette Pinard A Mother's Rose
8-15 Lesley Baker Lead The Way
8-16 Wonitha You And I
9-1 Vito Alvaro Hard Days Gone
9-2 Vann Delorey Elephant Song
9-3 Kris Taylor Expect
9-4 Aengus Finnan Lately
9-5 Rick Ivanoff Abduction
9-6 High Sheriff's Lady Smiling Behind Me
9-7 Vertigo Joe Euphoria
9-8 Paul Barnes Millennium
9-9 Purple Dragon Broken Window
9-10 Shelly Jacobson If It Doesn't Fit
9-11 Lenore Rock And Roll
9-12 Big Meteor Wild River
9-13 Pop Cans The Nice Guy
9-14 Jeff Nicholson Hockey
9-15 Shoegazer Indian Summer
9-16 Anne Minnery Watch The Little Girl Dance
9-17 Let Er'ride Full Moon Or Empty Bottle
9-18 Neil Layton* My New Soul
9-19 Streambabies Make Believe
9-20 M.U.M. Jesse's Journey

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